Our nearshore partnerships

Skills, standards and flexibility are three key reasons why we joined forces with our nearshore partners. The similar culture to the UK and Ireland results in strong relationships and smooth running projects. The collaborative approach means you maintain control, just as you would with an in-house team.

Top talent

Our nearshore partners have excellent reputations as employers. Delivery centres are often situated in technology clusters and close to its top tier universities. This gives you access to a high quality talent pool made up of the brightest graduates and the most experienced professionals.

High Retention rates

With a retention rates percentages in the high nineties, your team remains stable and knowledge about your company is secure. You don’t have to manage the disruption caused by constantly changing team members. Our business partners expect a lot from their people but rewards them well too.  Employees are mentored to develop a career path for strong personal and professional growth.

Minimal risk

Our business partners are willing to take on smaller projects in order to prove their value. You get to know the team and see the quality of their work without making a major commitment. You can start with a team of 2 or 3 people to test productivity levels for yourself.

Wide ranging skills

Our select business partners have the skills to deal with any project or enterprise need no matter how complex, and across a wide range of sectors. With IT Consultants, Business and Technical Architects, Developers, QA/Testers, System Engineers and Delivery Managers, the team has the capability to work from business need through to end solution.

Quality outcomes

All team members are full-time permanent employees, generating high levels of commitment. They employ innovative engineers who are encouraged to apply critical thinking and a proactive approach so that they provide as much added value as they can.

Careful monitoring

Our partners focus on delivering high quality services and solutions. They stress the importance of four key factors: people, skills, process and client satisfaction. Every project is constantly monitored on a number of set KPIs.

Good governance

Project Management Council secures accurate estimates, the most appropriate development methods and rigorous time registration and reporting. The Technical Council ensures high technical quality solutions, highly skilled IT professionals, technical mentoring and technical strategy management.

How we work

Marrable and their nearshore development partners work as one team, with Marrable providing UK business and technical expertise and the nearshore development partner the software delivery centre.

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