Nearshore Software Development

There are many benefits to nearshore software development. Working with a nearshore delivery team is like having an extension of your in-house team – but less costly and more flexible. The close cultural fit results in a harmonious working relationship, high quality outcomes and considerably less management hours.

A focus on your business needs

With a business culture similar to that of UK and Ireland, Eastern Europeans apply an intelligent and questioning approach when reviewing your requirements. Unlike task-based offshore teams, they can handle complex jobs. The team adapts, improvises and innovates as the project unfolds. Your business needs are met, rather than just the project specification.

Flexible resourcing

Having an additional resource pool can allow you to easily expand and shrink your team alongside the demands of your project road map. With a nearshore team augmenting your in-house development resource, you can take on additional skills when you need them – ramping up delivery to meet business demands.

Access to talent & specialist skills

High levels of proficiency in many leading-edge technologies mean you always have the right resource for the job. With 64,000 certified IT specialists, and 5,000 graduates joining the workforce annually, Romania for example has the biggest talent pool in Europe. The country comes third globally for Informatics and Math Olympiad medals.

Excellent value for money

Central and Eastern European countries provide for a low nearshoring costs. A nearshoring team provides better value than UK contractors, developing flexible in-house resources or a farshoring set up in Asia or the Far East.

Less management time

Quality of talent often means projects need less people, management input and on-boarding investment. You work with strongly collaborative people who take ownership of the deliverables. You spend fewer hours managing projects.

High-speed connectivity 24/7

Heavy investment in infrastructure gives Central and Eastern European countries great stability. Day-to-day communications are not lost through IT connectivity issues and power outages. Stable connections guarantee that data centres stay online 24/7. 100% fibre optic connectivity ensures fast download and upload.

Excellent communication

Eastern Europeans have excellent command of English as foreign language speakers. A similar time zone gives home and away teams 6 working hours a day to collaborate. Face-to-face meetings are a short, low-cost flight away.

High staff retention

Attrition rates are low. You work with the same people on an ongoing basis, building a cohesive home and away team. Valuable knowledge of your business’s IT set-up is retained and passed on. A good standard of living and a family orientated culture keeps the workforce stable.

Robust legal controls

Reputations can be ruined by cyber breaches. As Europeans they are required to adhere to the Data Protection Act.

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Our delivery centres are located in Eastern Europe. For example, in Romania there are flourishing business centres that attract many large corporations. These cities have large technical universities ensuring an ever-growing hub of well qualified engineers.


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