Our Approach to software development

Marrable is a UK software solutions company. We are experts in building bespoke software for large corporations, SMEs and start-ups. We offer a range of flexible and cost effective delivery options. Below we have outlined our approach to software development. An approach that allows us to consistently deliver you high quality software solutions.


Discovery analysis

Good outcomes start with good foundations.  We will spend time working with you to collect and document your business and functional requirements.  We look not only at what you want to build today, but also where you are going tomorrow so you are future proof and your technology can grow with your business.  In this initial phase we will work with you to specify the right architecture and technology, document the deliverables and define your budget expectations.


Advice on latest technologies

Constant research into the latest technology and internal innovation enables us to advise you on upgrades and tools that could bring benefits to your business. We always look at the cost as well as the benefits and proactively search for the best value on the market.


Design + Requirements analysis

It is important that your design and functional requirements analysis are unified. Through a series of workshops all information, decisions and business rules will be documented and visualised as interactive wire-frames so you can clearly visualise assess and amend your requirements.   We can work with your design team or ours as you prefer.


Visual and UX design

Good software always depends on good user feedback, but it is also important not to over-think things and get stuck in “analysis paralysis”. This is where our many years of experience can help.  Our approach is based on design plus feedback cycles and a UCD (user-centered design).  Our iterative Agile build keeps things moving while making sure you take credible feedback on board.


Interactive prototype

To make sure you and your stakeholders are up to speed we can create an interactive prototype.  This allows you to follow the on-screen workflows, fine tune the design and get user feedback before build begins.


Operational solutions

We will use our expertise from 25 years working client side in blue chip companies managing large technology engineering teams to review your technical team and operational structure and process.  We will recommend the right operating and delivery model for your build and suggest the best way to engage with us. Only then do we handpick people with the right skills to deliver your functional requirements, either working seamlessly in collaboration with your in-house team, or working autonomously to deliver a shrink wrapped project.


The build

Using the defined functional and non-functional requirements to create the product backlog we then conduct a MoSCoW analysis on each one so that you can be sure you are building efficiently and economically.  Our Agile approach means you build your solution incrementally and are kept actively involved every step of the way. Agile Management tools like Team Foundation Server or Jira are used for source control, work item management and traceability of requirements.  We manage and share information with tools like Google Apps for Business and Google project sites.  Daily, weekly or two weekly updates are conducted over Skype or Google HangOut. You will always know where you are within a project road map and can make sure that timescales and budgets are adhered to.  This approach encourages building an MPV (minimum viable product) in the first instance.


Quality assurance

Our test engineering teams are a mix of testers, developers and architects who collaborate and utilise smart automation to improve your time to market and guarantee product quality.  On-going adherence to pre-approved testing and acceptance criteria ensures that you are in control of the delivery of a quality product. We use both automated testing and dedicated QAs (testers) to make sure your code is performing correctly and that your end product is robust.



It is crucial that the creation of your software is properly documented so that you have control of your IP and your future.  Too often companies are imprisoned by engineering teams who hold the keys to understanding the intricacies of their software system.  Careful documentation at build and design stage makes sure that the system can be transferred to another operational team at any time should that become necessary.


Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

In this competitive world, often it makes sense to get your product out to market as quickly as possible which can mean getting an MVP up and running so you can test  the market and go for additional funding if necessary.  From a business perspective this is often the best approach and one we have facilitated many times.


Final build and implementation

All our solutions are built to be scalable so we can build your product to suit your timescales, budgets and business ambitions. We also pride ourselves on a 96% + retention rate for our staff so that we keep the knowledge of your system within the company until you are ready to scale up again.



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