Over 25+ years we have developed valuable expertise working with the media, financial services, FinTech and education sectors, finding innovative solutions for both start-ups and global corporations. We have applied this knowledge to sectors as varied as social care, professional services, public services, publishing, leisure and hospitality, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, trade and real estate.



The innovative solutions we’ve developed for top media organisations like the BBC and News International give us our in-depth knowledge of the industry. This experience of managing an industry through a period of massive digital disruption can be brought to bear in other sectors experiencing the same phenomena, such as the FinTech world. Our expertise has been applied to a wide range of business issues including designing and developing multi platform solutions, digitising media assets, commercialising content and using new platforms to enhance customer experience.

See case studies:
Ericsson – media asset management system
BBC – iPlayer digital media player
News International – paid-for content web apps

Financial Services

With digital disruption bringing heightened competition, there’s an urgent need for innovative solutions in financial services. Our financial services specialists will look at your business needs and give you advice on the opportunities technology can offer. Whether you are a FinTech start-up or an established company needing to innovate and adapt, we can help. We apply cutting edge ideas and best practice that make systems more nimble, data more useable and provide direct online access to customers.

See case studies:
Thomsons Online Benefits – SaaS pension and employee benefits
Financial Education Provider – SaaS HR financial education
Caxton FX – Foreign exchange mobile app

More details on Marrable’s Fintech development.


Innovating for the education sector is a key area of expertise for Marrable. Our education specialists will look at your business needs and advise you on the opportunities technology can offer. For example in bringing cutting-edge ideas to the market fast.

See case studies:
Oxford University Innovation – dynamic consent for clinical drug trials
Thomsons Screening, City University London – visual screening for children

Digital start-ups

Our innovative solutions allow entrepreneurial start-ups to bring new ideas to market fast. You get CTO level expertise in defining your needs and turning them into functional requirements. Experienced people in every IT specialism take care of the technology, while you focus on your new business. Conscious of initial costs, we set you up in a way that allows your application and infrastructure to grow with demand. We can act as an entire IT team until you are up and running.

See case studies:
Financial education provider – SaaS HR financial education
Oxford University Innovation –  dynamic platform for clinical trials
Thomsons Screening, City University London – visual screening for children

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