UK Financial Education Provider

UK Financial Education Provider – Saas Solution for Start-up


This UK financial education start-up wanted to provide an innovative software solution that enabled people manage their money better. It would also benefit their employers through higher productivity and less money-related absence.


We provided a full service – including consultancy, architecture, technical design, implementation, testing and delivery.

Key deliverables included:

  • a money management software solution that enables employees to track their financial decisions and goals
  • a recommendation engine that compares the users’ choices with those of people on the same income
  • an application that can be branded for each of the company’s clients
  • an adaptable solution.


A flexible software solution was successfully developed and brought to market.

The financial education provider has a solution that is very marketable to its clients as it:

  • is easy for employees to understand and use
  • helps employees make smarter financial decisions
  • makes employees more productive.