Thomsons Online Benefits

Thomsons Benefits

Thomsons Online Benefits – SaaS Product Development


The objective was to extend the in-house development team by integrating a nearshore SCRUM team that could help design, develop and test functionality on:

  • the company’s core SaaS product
  • the ongoing development of a shrink wrapped product for their client, the UK Ministry of Defence.


Our role was to:

  • augment their UK development team by integrating our developers and testers (as a standalone SCRUM team based in Romania) to deliver internal projects
  • achieve successful knowledge transfer by integrating our staff into the client’s permanent UK teams for a short time
  • apply this collaborative approach to delivering a complex SaaS product for one of their high profile clients.

The main technologies were the Microsoft .NET framework with SQL Server, and Rally as a SCRUM tool for distributed team delivery.


The team in Romania works seamlessly to augment the client’s team to successfully deliver to Thomsons Online Benefits’ requirements.