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Oxford University Innovation
Dynamic Platform for Clinical Trials


One of the main strategic goals of Oxford University Innovation is to turn Oxford University’s research results into commercial projects and products.

The objective of the project was to develop a web platform that enabled trial participants to give consent to and engage with clinical trials, through an easy to use interface.


The key deliverables were:

  • develop an online platform consisting of two portals, one for the participants and one for the trial organizers
  • deliver a fully responsive web application that would adhere to the latest trends in design and usability
  • satisfy the stringent security concerns of handling personal and secret information within the healthcare industry
  • allow easy connection to social media
  • make it adaptable for users with visual impairment and hearing or learning difficulties.


Dynamic Consent is a secure, password-protected website enabling participants to easily perform a range of activities that encourages participation. The trial organisers’ portal enables easy collection, storage and retrieval of consent preferences and ongoing communication between participants and trial organiser. We managed its development within a very tight budget.

The key results are:

  • improved recruitment
  • more active engagement
  • reduced trial drop-out rates
  • increased trust due to greater transparency