Location matters – Farshoring vs. nearshoring for I.T. services

Location matters – Farshoring vs. nearshoring for I.T. services
12th April 2016 Sean Murphy

Location matters – Farshoring vs. nearshoring for I.T. services

Why India and South East Asia are number one for low cost, commodity based programming, while Eastern Europe offers significant advantages for more complex or business critical engagements. Marrable Services starts a debate on farshore versus nearshore for software delivery services. Read the whole article here written by Sean Murphy — Marrable Services Limited.

Sean Murphy has over 20 years’ experience in managing IT software development teams and services. He has established and managed outsourced services all over the world for companies such as News International, Teletext, Thomsons Online Benefits and the BBC. His most notable credits are delivering the first version of BBC iPlayer and News International’s “pay for content” news platforms.

In 2010, Sean established Marrable Services Limited, a software delivery company specializing in outsourcing software development. In Jan 2013, Marrable Services partnered with a software development agency based in Romania.

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