A peek into our partner’s organisational culture

A peek into our partner’s organisational culture
4th February 2016 Sean Murphy

A peek into our partner’s organisational culture

Last week, one of our software development partners posted on their blog a light-hearted and fun article on work motivation. The subject in itself is quite serious, but the way they’ve presented it makes it funny and so representative for their organisational culture. Let’s have a look at an example to see what we mean. For instance, it’s said in the article that research found that people wouldn’t interact more if they didn’t work so many hours. Their comments on this finding? Let’s see:

“Well, that doesn’t come so much as a surprise if you think of how much you get to interact socially at work during the never ending meetings and the unexpected, yet constant interruptions from your colleagues. One might even wonder when you get to get things done!… But on a more serious note, the ideal job should be part of your life, and the social interaction you get at work should be as enjoyable and meaningful as the one you get at home or with your childhood friends.”

OK, if you work in a bigger software company, you definitely can relate…

Another finding states that “Research participants who got a two-second glimpse of a green rectangle completed a subsequent task of imagining various ways to use a tin can with about 20% more creativity than those who have seen a white rectangle.” Their slightly off-topic comment about the research? Here you go:

“(…)We are in fact a green company, in the sense that we strongly encourage biking to work and, of course, reusing tin cans or whatever reusable packaging you may think of. And by the way, the walls in some of our offices are painted in a greenish hue, and if that’s not enough for the fussiest of our colleagues, they can always take a glance at the greenery (mostly weeds and messy shrubs) outside the window.”


It’s funny, it’s quirky, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from creative people working in an open environment. Oh, and by the way, they are located nearshore, in Romania, not in the UK, so if you’ve ever worried you won’t get along well with Romanians, you can now know it’s not the case. In fact, we feel they are as culturally close to us as any Western non-British nation is, or even more so!

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